Jenna Melfi-Argentine

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Jenna Melfi is one of the most sought after leaders in entertainment production in California. Her diverse range of talents and vast experiences on a variety of projects has allowed Jenna to earn her exceptional reputation as one of the most trusted, valued, and respected professional women in the industry.

Jenna began her career at Zoic Studios as the assistant to the Executive Producer of “Games,” which allowed her to pursue worldwide research of game developers, publishers, and studios for prospecting. This VFX experience led to other opportunities to work in a variety of freelance opportunities with clients such as Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, Mocap Militia, and House of Moves. In addition to her VFX experience, Jenna has extensive experience in commercial and video production working with such notable clients as, Nissan, Aveeno, AT&T, Hasbro, Mustache PD., and Disney. Jenna’s responsibilities have broadened far beyond the traditional client and artist management to include acting as liaison between agencies and clients and supervising field management with production teams.
Most recently, Jenna was the Production Supervisor for performances at the Grammys by Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Sir Paul McCartney. Her role including overseeing the stage design, working with the Grammy logistics team, and supervising the engineering of the stage design and show production for both performances. In addition, she assumed the Production Supervisor role for COACH Backstage experiential launch party in Beverly Hills overseeing many details including bidding, budgeting, vendors, permits, load in/load out, insurances, design, staffing, and coordinating travel for performance artists including Kid Cudi, Skylar Grey, Chris Holmes, and DJ Rukas.
Beyond her production skills, Jenna is known as a savvy businesswoman in the financial realm. She has been the acting CFO at Springboard Productions since 2008, managed multi-million dollar budgets for RPA, expedited the financial pipeline for customer and vendor invoices for OneNine Design, and has handled all bidding/budgeting and personnel issues for Art Resource Entertainment.
Jenna holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and holds licenses as both a notary and a real estate agent.



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