Patricia Maltz


Patricia Maltz has an extensive history of business management related activities. These include the founding and day to day operation of a $22M distribution and training 501 C-3 company to management consulting for a full range of clients from one employee to 60,000 employees across a broad base of industries throughout the USA.  Today, she serves in a business management capacity for a number of inspirational speakers, authors and niche experts:

v  Sheila Raye Charles – daughter of the legendary Ray Charles,

v  Maxine Bryant – author of I Want My Groove Back…God’s Way,

v  Gerry Lancaster – former NBA player and author of NBA Blues

v  Dr. Sandy Hill – radio personality and founders of Eating To Live

v  Uros Peric – performer/composer from Slovenia

v – a member organization for women 50 plus

v  In Focus Brands – a branded business development and entertainment company

Unique to Maltz’ perspective, her personal history includes being the daughter of two Marines – one of which was a member of the All Women Marine Corp Band.  She has been an advocate for children all of her life particularly in the areas of day care, nutrition and child development.  As a grandmother of six, music, arts and education for our youth continue to play a prominent role in her life.



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