Ted Fujimoto

Ted FujimotoTed Fujimoto is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant in organizational performance, development, scaling, and business planning. He has helped develop business strategies for many education organizations including Bay Area Coalition for Essential Schools, Big Picture Learning, New Technology Foundation, Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools, Partnerships for Uplifting Communities, Linking Education & Economic Development, California Charter Schools Association, and the New York Charter Schools Association – representing more than $150 million in funding.

He began his career as a freshman in college by founding and operating for eleven years a management and technology consulting company serving a range of customers that included Air Touch Communications, Bank One, Chandon Estates, California Chamber of Commerce, GM, IBM, New York Times, and Remy Martin.

As a community business leader, Ted helped to design and found the highly regarded Napa New Technology High School and the New Technology Foundation that currently has 62+ schools around the country. He has also managed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Carnegie Foundation grants for education reform initiatives in the Sacramento region. Additionally, Ted co-founded two for-profit companies that received $15 million in venture capital funding.

He has served on the California Education Technology Advisory Committee and received the 2002 Center for Digital Government “In the Arena” award for education leadership in transforming vision to reality. In Converge Magazines “1999 Year in Review”, Ted was named one of “Educations Dreamers, Leaders and Innovators.”

He currently serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee at the California Credit Union, a $1.4 billion credit union serving the education community. He also serves on the design and steering committee for the breakthrough new USC Hybrid High School.



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