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Champaign is a R&B band, best known for their 1981 hit, “How ‘Bout Us.” The first release rose to #1 on charts worldwide, according to Billboard Magazine, Pop Charts, Soul Charts and Easy Listening. Further Platinum and Gold acclaim with such hits as “Try Again” from the album “Modern Heart” and “Off and On Love” from the album “Woman In Flames”. Pauli Carman, the original lead singer, continued to represent the group. The Carma album, released in 2008, included original songs along with a remake of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” and the Stevie Wonder track “I Love, I Love”. In 2010, Get Back 2 Love was released (included a remaster of “How ‘Bout Us”). The title track “Get Back 2 Love” made reference to Champaign’s top hits. The same year the single “Mercy” was released (a remake of the Marvin Gaye hit “Mercy Mercy Me)”.



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