Skyler Jett

Skyler’s impressive resume includes some of the biggest recording artists of our times. His accolades include receiving a Grammy Award-embossed plaque from NARAS for singing with Celine Dion on the Grammy winning hit song My Heart Will Go On from the blockbuster hit film Titanic. This was also Record Of The Year (1998) and is still the highest grossing movie theme song of all time. Skyler’s other movie credits include Background Vocal arrangement on I’m Every Woman from the blockbuster hit film The Body Guard, also Movie Of The Year (1992), featuring Whitney Houston; Tap with Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr.; A Smile Like Yours with Greg Kinnear; Disney’s Hercules; James Bond 007 License To Kill; Big Bully with Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold; and Ghostdad with Bill Cosby.



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