Mission Statement:

Muzart World Foundation is a public charity 501 (c) (3) committed to correcting the imbalance in American public education.  Since 2001, national legislation continues to spur this imbalance that exists between the logical (mathematic, scientific, and technological) and aesthetic (music, art, drama) disciplines.  As a result of this imbalance, student achievement continues to decline.  For the last nine years, the Muzart World Foundation pursues activities that educate and empower those who are committed to the preservation of music and arts in the classroom as a means of cultivating all areas of human development.

How We Do It Together:

Through corporate sponsorships, private donations, the production of high profile entertainment events and online social media, MuzArt creates awareness and raises money through a grassroots movement to transform public schools by integrating Arts and Music programs along with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.A.M.).

Real change will only come about when a community, neighborhood, or citizen’s group drives the effort by organizing and creating demand for high performing schools. We believe change happens best when it is bottom-up or top-down initiated, bottom-up driven, and top-down supported.


MuzArt advocates FULL STEAM AHEAD as the correct methodology of teaching and promotes it as the modern standard of practice in public education throughout America for a successful and competitive 21st century learning experience.



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