Plan of Action


To accomplish its mission, MuzArt™ is focused on the following activities:

  • Create national public awareness by collaborating with private and corporate sponsors and the greater entertainment community to develop and promote Muzart World Foundation events (e.g., concerts).  
  • Match seed grants to create new, and/or transform, existing programs that will model highly successful national STEAM-based schools. MuzArt believes that the successful model is the STEAM-based school and we are only providing grant money for schools who are looking to adopt STEAM.
  • Muzart recognizes that the greater community is best equipped to meet the needs of its local students.  Therefore, proceeds that are raised from MuzArt events within a given community will be returned to that community with the intent to collaborate and partner with educators, parents, and all stakeholders to determine the best use of those funds.
  • Muzart recognizes that in order to be competitive in the global workforce, American students must receive a well-balanced comprehensive education.  STEAM-based educational models restore the balance in the American public education diet and allows children to explore education among all seven of the multiple intelligences.

Transformation and a movement across America

is beginning to take place

CHANGING the national conversation from


Educational and economic solvency are forever integrated.  The role of education is to prepare students to contribute to the economic well-being of their chosen community. Employers have repeatedly suggested that well-balanced creative and innovative thinkers are the best candidates for employment.  If communities across the country adopt this premise/model, the United States has the opportunity to reclaim its position as a leader in education among the global community.  Currently, we are ranked between 17-27th (depending on the study).  MuzArt believes that this is due to the gross imbalance in the educational diet and seeks to raise awareness and spur restoration and balance in American public schools through STEAM-based models of education.

MuzArt also does not truly believe that funding is unavailable or is the core of the problem, but priorities of a different nature are.  Per pupil spending in America far exceeds that of most other countries, yet falls behind on the results.  MuzAt believes as in any corporate turn-around, a simple re-allocation of funds currently available will transform public schools across America, yielding better results. 

We encourage folks to get a better understanding of Finland’s turn-around to better understand how we in America can make the change. In 10 years Finland went from the worst results across the world to the number 1 model fro the world to now follow.

Our cause is for everyone who believes music and art was important to them as a child, as they learned to live in this world and develop skills as life-long learners. If you believe that art and music were valuable parts of your educational make-up, then help us restore and preserve this marvelous educational heritage.  JOIN THE MOVEMENT IN YOUR COMMUNITY!!! Call MuzArt to learn how to start the movement in your community.  MuzArt, Creatively Changing Lives.



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